• The Largest International Knowledge Services Company from Nepal.
  • Servicing customers in the Americas, Europe and Australasia.
  • Successfully combining Offshore IT services and BPO Services to offer end to end business solutions to enterprises across the world.
  • The first and only dedicated Knowledge Services Campus in Nepal ready to house upto 1200 employees.

ServingMinds, is the offshore services arm for wServe Pty. Ltd. , a global eSolutions company servicing SMEs in USA, UK, Australia. Canada and India. ServingMinds renders services like Telemarketing, Customer Support, Delivery Management,Remote Infrastructure Management, Web Designing, Web Application Development, Web Programming, Software Solutions & Application Engineering Services, Accounting Services, Account Payable and Receivables Management from it’s offshore center in Kathmandu, Nepal...

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Renowned for making e-power affordable even for the small businesses, wServe is a well-established web designing

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Afterpink Slip provides helpful and timely information to those people who have received pink slips or those


Videocrux is a TV 2.0 destination portal - an interplay of web2.0 and global TV. We focus on enriched video...


newsKATHMANDU, Apr 08 - US Congressman David Dreier and Congresswoman Karen McCarthy paid a visit to ServingMinds...
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KATHMANDU, Apr 08 - Congressman Dreier, Chairman of the House Rules Committee, is leading a Congressional Delegation to South Asia to examine regional security, drug interdiction, humanitarian aid, and bilateral trade relationships.

Mr. Dreier and Congresswoman Karen McCarthy wanted to experience how efficient operations like ServingMinds are helping Businesses in USA grow and make more profits, and how they are helping countries like Nepal participate in global economy.

newsPlayers in the market, Feb 08 - Relaunched in 2003, ServingMinds provides services like accounting, sales, analysis, billing...
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newsKATHMANDU, Nov 05 - Ashish Kapoor global services and BPO provider from Nepal has been recently appointed to the Advisory Council...
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